Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Get Physical

I'm always on the hunt for athletic clothing on SL because to find any that's really attractive is pretty tough to do. Perusing Marketplace the other day I came across this hot little outfit and snagged it right away! At only 69L, you can buy both the black and the white versions! I I really like these booty shorts, as well and will probably wear them with other tops.

 had to edit the prim hoodie piece down a bit, but that took all of 3 seconds, so I see no problems with this outfit at all!

I have paired this athletic outfit with cute little boots from Grumble that remind me of tennis shoes, without the ugly tennis shoe look. It comes in several colors. Shown here is the white/black version.

Emerald is wearing....
C2X Designs- C2X 96 Hoodie & Hot Pants *white

Grumble- Women's Stiletto Sneakers White/Black

Love @ First Shop

Ever stumbled into a store you've never been to before and immediately fallen in love? It's happened to me recently and I want to shout it to the rooftop! Miss Jewell is an amazing store with really good prices that range from 100L up to three hundred or so.  Great detail and hot designs! How have I lived my second life without it? Here's my first purchase.

The detailing on the clothing is nice, and in case it's not showing well, the white has a lovely waffle pattern to the material. Absolutely adorable black detailing on the jacket really makes this outfit stand out, along with the furry cuffs and collar. I'm a personal fan of the panties showing a bit occasionally, but if you're not a fan of that you can simply remove them. As an added bonus, it comes with the cute little belly piercing!

I found MJ's at a little satellite store of hers, but please check out her main store. Lucky chair, freebies and other ways to win her awesome designs are available on the first floor of her beautiful store. Main store is here:

 I have chosen to take off the prim part of the pants that make the bottom of the leg in favor of wearing this absolutely awesome pair of boots that are a group gift from Drakke! It's well worth it to check them out for your footwear needs, and joining the group is absolutely worth the cheap price to be a member. 

Emerald is wearing...

Magika Hair: "Nice" Onyx
Purchased from her discount room which is no longer available.

Miss Jewell: CLEO pellica bianca outfit

Drakke: Covergirl boots, group gift 

Pink: Raquel Skin, cleavage *previously blogged by Syndi*

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under the Blue Blue Skin?

Pink came out with a freebie today. Until Friday at 3 PM SLT, their Raquel skin is totally 100% free. No group gift required or anything! I Love how it comes in 3 different options, skape(yes I'm wearing it) and 2 different hair bases included.

Did I mention that I also love how well it goes with my eyes?

Pink is also really affordable. This skin at its normal price as well as its other "sister" skins is only 100L. They also have 3 different lucky chairs to choose from and next to their lucky chairs they also have a free AO to share. I'm trying out the AO now. Sadly, while I can't show you the animations in it, I can say that I'm impressed by it. I was getting bored with my old oracul ao anyways.*winks

Syndi is Wearing:
[Pink] Raquel skins + shape fatpack
Maitreya Green II - Reds Pack
Previously Blogged

Jewelry is my BFF

There's a saying that diamonds are a girls best friend. Well, what about pearls? Or gold and silver? Or even gems like emeralds and opals? Today I went to explore the answer to this question when I came across Fine Smith who has some of the most origional jewelry I've ever seen in Second Life. This is their newest group gift(only came out two days ago).  The Heartless necklace, which isn't so heartless, comes in several colors, including black pink, purple, red and white.

Also while you're there you might wanna look for their other group gifts such as this beautiful winter gift that was released earlier this year but is still available called the Winter Gift.

After I was done browsing all the beautiful shinies at Fine Smith I also went to investigate NCParis which had this beautiful pair of diamond cut tear drop ear rings called Diamond Teared Earring to offer.

As well as a bronze pair of bangles that can quite literly go with almost any outfit.
Both groups for Fine Smith and NCParis are both free to join to grab these gifts, and both stores are well worth a look to see what other beauties you may be interested in purchasing for yourself or a loved one. Congratulations Fine Smith and NCParis. You both have just gone to my list of favorite stores, right up there next to Earthstones!

Syndi Is Wearing:

**Finesmith FINESMITH Winter gift necklace,bracelet& earrings
FINESMITH pre- valentine Members groupgift

Diamond Tears Earring NCparis NCparis
Multi Fine Bangle NCparis

One Day Only!

****Editing Note**** I went to the board this morning early early...and apparently I bought yesterday's outfit. So it's no longer available. I'm leaving this up, tho, so you can see what you missed yesterday and to encourage you to go today. Thanks Heidi for letting me know. I also found out that she changes the board every sl morning at 4:47am. You can still get the DUCE shoes at Atlas' store tho!

As is my normal weekday habit, I visited HoWear's 25L board this morning and found this hot little outfit waiting for me there. Heidi does a great job giving her customers an inexpensive, hot outfit every weekday and this is no exception! A bit of jungle print on this leather/latex outfit really makes it special and I love the cut of the top! I have paired it with these awesome spiked boots from DUCE next door. (There's a reason they're next door to each other....they always compliment each other well). I got these on the 25L HoWear board a while back, in fact. Sometimes you get the added bonus of DUCE shoes for 25L. Not today, my friends, but keep an eye out!

Keep in mind that this awesome special price is only available for 24 hours on the board, then it changes. And don't ask Heidi if you can have it later this week. *laughs* You can't. So check every day! After you hit this board and go about your daily deal hunt, just make your way over to her Discount store in her mall. Amazing deals on sexy, sassy clothing ranging from costumes to steampunk and sexy clubwear. She does a little of everything.

Emerald is wearing....

DUCE: marvel boots

HoWear: Feline Fever *snow version*

Calico: Arianna Dark Auburn Hair

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shoe Freak? Shoenique!

Like most females, I'm a bit of a shoe freak, so when I found Shoenique's discount area I was in seventh heaven! Sexy stilettos in several colors and styles await your visit, and for only 50L a pair, you can stock up! All shoes come with a really nice and easy to use hud for both skin tone and nail color. The Daisy White pair has the cute little anklet embellishment.  Here's the two pairs I bought today....

Emerald is wearing...

Shoenique Daisy White Stilettos 50 L
Shoenique Spider Web Black Stilettos 50 L

Happiness is a beautiful gift

Ahhh from a little hippo group notice happiness can be found. I had never been to Augusta Creations, but a little notice about a new group gift sent me to check them out. Not only was I warmly welcomed by the owner/designer, but I was treated to an absolutely beautiful trio of black formal gowns for joining her group.
I have chosen to show you the "Diamond" group gift today, but I hope you go and check out the other two equally as beautiful gowns she offers to her members. What girl has enough black beautiful gowns in her wardrobe?
The Diamond gown features a beautiful flowing skirt beautifully designed to move and swirl when you walk or dance and the detail on the bodice is stunning. Black lace down the front of the gown and the necklace she has made to top the outfit off go together beautifully for a classic yet sexy look. The back is a plunge vee and looks amazing. Don't forget to check out the sleeves that are embellished at the wrist with flounces and detail. This is definitely worth the trip!

After you gather up your group gifts, have a look around her beautiful store. I ended up on the third floor where I found some really good deals on other lovely dresses both floor length and cocktail length.
Emerald is wearing..
Diamond group gift from Augusta Creations
Hair is unknown.