Q. Why don't you edit your pictures and make them preatty like alot of other blogs do?

A. Well there's two answers to that. The first is that we like showing the items we're blogging about in its most natural beauty. Its the items we're blogging about, not the pictures. The second answer to that revolves around our lives as SL photographers. We have generally at least 3-5 clients if not more at all times. By the time we get around to blogging for you guys, we're preatty well pooped out on photoshopping pics to make them look preatty. Hince why "purist" style photography is seen all throughout SynStyle.

Q. How do I get ahold of you to share something to be blogged about?

A. Easy! Just IM us if you see us online. If we're not online then leave a notecard or e mail syndi.liam@gmail.com .

Q. I'm a designer. Do you expect me to just give you an item for free?

A. Never! Now don't get us wrong we love it when stuff is just given to us. However, we also understand full heartedly that you're trying to make a living for your avi or rl. We don't ever expect stuff to be just handed to us when you're going to charge everyone else. We do however try to keep everything under a certain set ammount that we blog about to try and make everything affordable for everyone. This ammount is generally set at $300L or less.

Q. I'm a designer. What's your reveiw policy?

A. Our reveiw policy is actually really simple. If you do intend on just giving us the item, then we need the following information in a notecard along with the same folder the reveiw item is in: SLURL, Information on if the item is a freebie, limited edition, dollarbie, etc, how long is it expected to be there, when it was or is going to be released. Please make the item no copy/yes trans if possible.
If it isn't intended to be just given to us, we still need the same information in a note card, along with a picture of the item and your in world user name.

Q. There's an item you blogged about but I can't find it. What do I do?

A. Unfortunately alot of the items that we blog about are only available for a limited time. We try to blog about the items that will be around for at least a couple of weeks after we blog about it but some times that isn't always the case. If you see something but can't find it in the store, IM the store owner. Just simply and POLITELY ask them if the item in our blog is still available. If it isn't, then please be curtious and say thank you. Don't be an ass.

Q. Why didn't you blog the item I tipped you off on?

A. We blog every day. Sometimes we can't always garuntee that we can blog everything that people tip us off on.

Q. I saw this item in more popular blogs. Did you find out about it threw them?

A. Probably not. We try to keep up with some of the more popular blogs that are simular to ours to make sure we're not always blogging about the same thing. However every now and then its bound to happen.

Q. Do you have a headquarters or a group in world in Second Life?

A. As much as we would love to say yes to this, we really don't. We're still too small and too new to really be concidering that. However if we start gaining enougth veiwers, we might concider doing that.

Q. I have a question about the blogged item. Who can I ask?
Feel free to IM the SynStyle bloggers for anything. Syndi in particular for female stuff, and Liam for the guys. We'll try to help you as much as possible. But IMing the store owners to ask about them too wouldn't hurt none.

Q. I'm noticing that half of the stuff you blog about is free while half of it isn't. What's the deal?!?!

A. When we started this we really wanted to make sure that there's a little bit of something for everyone wheather the reader had L to spend or not. Offering free items and not free items offers that. Its the same reason why we have female and male bloggers. We wanted to really make this something special that can offer a little something to everyone with the most highest detail in everything that Second Life can offer.