Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Day Only!

****Editing Note**** I went to the board this morning early early...and apparently I bought yesterday's outfit. So it's no longer available. I'm leaving this up, tho, so you can see what you missed yesterday and to encourage you to go today. Thanks Heidi for letting me know. I also found out that she changes the board every sl morning at 4:47am. You can still get the DUCE shoes at Atlas' store tho!

As is my normal weekday habit, I visited HoWear's 25L board this morning and found this hot little outfit waiting for me there. Heidi does a great job giving her customers an inexpensive, hot outfit every weekday and this is no exception! A bit of jungle print on this leather/latex outfit really makes it special and I love the cut of the top! I have paired it with these awesome spiked boots from DUCE next door. (There's a reason they're next door to each other....they always compliment each other well). I got these on the 25L HoWear board a while back, in fact. Sometimes you get the added bonus of DUCE shoes for 25L. Not today, my friends, but keep an eye out!

Keep in mind that this awesome special price is only available for 24 hours on the board, then it changes. And don't ask Heidi if you can have it later this week. *laughs* You can't. So check every day! After you hit this board and go about your daily deal hunt, just make your way over to her Discount store in her mall. Amazing deals on sexy, sassy clothing ranging from costumes to steampunk and sexy clubwear. She does a little of everything.

Emerald is wearing....

DUCE: marvel boots

HoWear: Feline Fever *snow version*

Calico: Arianna Dark Auburn Hair

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