About our Bloggers

Syndi Carver

Hi there I'm Syndi. I'm 24 in real life, live in the central time zone, and I'm a photographer. I've been in Second Life since about 2006, and in the past I've quite literly have done everything except scripting. Call me your "Jackie of all Trades." I find blogging, expecially blogging about SL fashion, to be quite fun and promise to all SynStyle readers to post as often as humanly possible, and about as many stores as possible.
If you happen to know of a good sale going on, or a good freebie, or just anything in the ways of women's fashion, IM me in world or send me a note card! I'd be happy to check it out.

Stuff I don't often Credit but should:

Skin -Jek - Nude :. Fair-500L from Ducknipple

Shape- Gloria Shape(modified to fit me better)-25L

Manicure-::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection [size5] boxed-199L

Liam Kabila

Hi, I'm Liam and I've been in SL since 2006. I'm 31 and female in real life from the MT time zone. I'm also an SL photographer. I made Liam because I decided one day that I wasn't doing a good enougth of a job photographing male avatars and have been hooked ever since as playing a guy. Before blogging, I've tried making clothes, building, scripting, and being a model. However I've always been a photographer.
I enjoy doing hunts in SL, shopping, exploring, dancing, and cuddling with my girl friend.
If you're interested in showing your stuff on Synstyle message me in world or send me a notecard! I'd be happy to blog about anything you send me.

Emerald Thane

Greetings fellow fashionistas!

My name is Emerald Thane and I've been on Second Life for about a year and a half now. RL I'm from Nebraska and *coughs* somewhere over 35..  Shopping on SL to me is like a big hunt for the best quality at the lowest prices and I hope to bring you the best of what I find on chairs, freebies, manias and sales. I'm much like many of you and my style changes with my mood, so one day it may be a costume and the next it may be a great cowl neck sweater or a sexy lingere set.  Because...if SL isn't for fun and being whatever or whoever you want to be that day...what's it for? *smiles*

Shape : Sina Shape by Samy Firehawk (Marketplace)
Lashes: Sina Lashes by Samy Firehawk (Marketplace)
Skin: Tara by sachi Vixen (Marketplace)
Outfit from Ydea Group Gift Wall
Hair: Black Long Locks (35L, Marketplace)

I always wear the SIna shape and lashes. Hair changes with outfits. Nails change with outfits. Jewelry changes with outfits. Skin sometimes changes with outfits.  If I'm wearing something different in a pic, I'll just mention it