Monday, January 30, 2012

Love @ First Shop

Ever stumbled into a store you've never been to before and immediately fallen in love? It's happened to me recently and I want to shout it to the rooftop! Miss Jewell is an amazing store with really good prices that range from 100L up to three hundred or so.  Great detail and hot designs! How have I lived my second life without it? Here's my first purchase.

The detailing on the clothing is nice, and in case it's not showing well, the white has a lovely waffle pattern to the material. Absolutely adorable black detailing on the jacket really makes this outfit stand out, along with the furry cuffs and collar. I'm a personal fan of the panties showing a bit occasionally, but if you're not a fan of that you can simply remove them. As an added bonus, it comes with the cute little belly piercing!

I found MJ's at a little satellite store of hers, but please check out her main store. Lucky chair, freebies and other ways to win her awesome designs are available on the first floor of her beautiful store. Main store is here:

 I have chosen to take off the prim part of the pants that make the bottom of the leg in favor of wearing this absolutely awesome pair of boots that are a group gift from Drakke! It's well worth it to check them out for your footwear needs, and joining the group is absolutely worth the cheap price to be a member. 

Emerald is wearing...

Magika Hair: "Nice" Onyx
Purchased from her discount room which is no longer available.

Miss Jewell: CLEO pellica bianca outfit

Drakke: Covergirl boots, group gift 

Pink: Raquel Skin, cleavage *previously blogged by Syndi*

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