Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Get Physical

I'm always on the hunt for athletic clothing on SL because to find any that's really attractive is pretty tough to do. Perusing Marketplace the other day I came across this hot little outfit and snagged it right away! At only 69L, you can buy both the black and the white versions! I I really like these booty shorts, as well and will probably wear them with other tops.

 had to edit the prim hoodie piece down a bit, but that took all of 3 seconds, so I see no problems with this outfit at all!

I have paired this athletic outfit with cute little boots from Grumble that remind me of tennis shoes, without the ugly tennis shoe look. It comes in several colors. Shown here is the white/black version.

Emerald is wearing....
C2X Designs- C2X 96 Hoodie & Hot Pants *white

Grumble- Women's Stiletto Sneakers White/Black

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