Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jewelry is my BFF

There's a saying that diamonds are a girls best friend. Well, what about pearls? Or gold and silver? Or even gems like emeralds and opals? Today I went to explore the answer to this question when I came across Fine Smith who has some of the most origional jewelry I've ever seen in Second Life. This is their newest group gift(only came out two days ago).  The Heartless necklace, which isn't so heartless, comes in several colors, including black pink, purple, red and white.

Also while you're there you might wanna look for their other group gifts such as this beautiful winter gift that was released earlier this year but is still available called the Winter Gift.

After I was done browsing all the beautiful shinies at Fine Smith I also went to investigate NCParis which had this beautiful pair of diamond cut tear drop ear rings called Diamond Teared Earring to offer.

As well as a bronze pair of bangles that can quite literly go with almost any outfit.
Both groups for Fine Smith and NCParis are both free to join to grab these gifts, and both stores are well worth a look to see what other beauties you may be interested in purchasing for yourself or a loved one. Congratulations Fine Smith and NCParis. You both have just gone to my list of favorite stores, right up there next to Earthstones!

Syndi Is Wearing:

**Finesmith FINESMITH Winter gift necklace,bracelet& earrings
FINESMITH pre- valentine Members groupgift

Diamond Tears Earring NCparis NCparis
Multi Fine Bangle NCparis

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